Sunday, February 12, 2012

The 1850 Mile Pinterest Challenge of 2012 - February

It's that time of the's Pinterest Challenge time!

As you know my sister and I (and my friend Amy) are doing a 1850 Mile Pinterest Challenge. Each month we post about something that we have found on Pinterest and we make it ourselves.

Since it's February, I have decided to go ahead and do a Valentine idea. This was the original picture:

It's actually an idea that comes from the Etsy shop twistedtwig.

So, off I went to the craft store to buy paper mache letters (measuring about 12x12") and sequins. Loads of sequins. I decided to do my letters in a soft pink and red for the holiday.

Then I sat. For hours. Gluing on each sequin to each letter. I have no idea how long this took (days and days) and I glued over 1600 individual sequins (800 in each bag and I used 2 full bags and then some!)

It was tedious and a bit boring but it yielded great results.


The word 'LOVE' all in pretty sequins. The heart garland is my own creation and can be found here. (Okay, a little plug for me too!)

Here's the close-up:

And the closer-up:

And the closest I could get:

I LOVE it! It brightens up the mantle and is so very cute! Matt hasn't seen it completed yet but even when we had bare letters up, he could understand why letters seem to be the new trend.

Has anyone else completed their Pinterest project for the month? Please share!